West Side Transport

For almost 40 years, West Side has been a leader in the industry by providing unsurpassed customer service and offering the newest advancements in technology.The Vogt family founded West Side in the 1960s and continues to own and operate it today. West Side’s mission is to provide total quality service through dedication to our customers and employees, hard work and integrity. West Side’s goal is to reflect our values in all that we do.West Side Transport offers state-of-the-art equipment and one of the best pay packages in the industry. Please take a look to learn more about what West Side can do for you.PAY:West Side offers one of the most competitive pay packages in the trucking industry.SOLO BASE PAY RATES*2,300 miles per week and above $.402,200 to 2,299 miles per week $.39 2,100 to 2,199 miles per week $.38 2,000 to 2,099 miles per week $.37 1,900 to 1,999 miles per week $.36 1,800 to 1,899 miles per week $.35 1,700 to 1,799 miles per week $.34 1,699 miles per week and below $.33 *Base loaded and empty rates per mile.*New drivers will have 90 days to set an average and will start at $.35 per mile.REGIONAL DEDICATED FLEET PAY RATES:Starting pay is based on years of verifiable experience with a minimum starting pay of $.30 per mile and a maximum pay of $.35 per mile. If you do not start at the top of the pay scale, you will earn a $.005 increase every 6 months until you reach the maximum pay level of $.35 a mile.1 to 2 years $.303 years $.31 4 years $.32 5 years $.33 6 years $.34 7+ years $.35 TEAM PAY:$.48 per mile split between drivers for irregular routes.Contact recruiting for details.WEST SIDE TRANSPORT OFFERS:•Per Diem Option•Stop Pay•Unloading Pay•Layover Pay•City Pay•Short Haul Pay•New York City Pay•Detention Pay•Breakdown PayQualifications:•Possession of a valid Commercial Driver’s License.•1 Year tractor-trailer driving experience.•Successful passing of pre-employment drug screening, physical, and job task analysis.•Completion of pre-employment interviewing procedures and driver orientation sessions.•Ability to perform simple math calculations with mental ability to handle and read receipts, maps, signs and maintain logs and records.•Ability to operate vehicle safety and control systems.•Ability to communicate in the English language verbally and in writing.•Knowledge of Department of Transportation regulations governing safe driving, hours of service, inspection, maintenance, and load securing.Physical Qualifications:•Ability to remain seated and alert while driving for up to 11 consecutive hours.•Ability to frequently push and pull up to 200 lbs with use of necessary equipment and push and pull up to 75 lbs without the use of moving equipment.•Ability to lift up to 75 lbs in continuous motions at various height levels.•Perform crouching, stretching, high reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, climbing, squatting, and high stepping on a repetitive basis while shifting, loading and unloading freight.•Ability to depress 40 lbs of pressure with each foot for periods of up to one minute.•Ability to stand, walk and meet the above requirements on various surface areas and conditions for up to 8 consecutive hours.