K & B Transportation

K&B Transportation understands we are all out here for a paycheck! That is why the majority of our drivers either enjoy guaranteed miles or salaried pay! Both options offer drivers a minimum amount for time away from home giving drivers the comfort of a solid paycheck each and every week... regardless of miles!

K&B Transportation is on the cusp of the biggest pay increase in fleet history! Depending on division our drivers are seeing a 8-11% pay increase. For drivers on our Midwest and National Fleet, this increases starting pay to 54 cents per mile, and our mileage guarantee to $1350 per week minimum!

For dedicated drivers, this pay increase raises salary pay to $1260-$1470 weekly for new drivers. Drivers also enjoy scheduled raises, with a cap of up to $1610 weekly! The salary pay on our dedicated fleets is equivalent of up to 55-60 cents per mile!

Started by a driver, K&B Transportation still carries the same driver first philosophy 750 trucks later! Chances are we have position to meet your need! Find out more today by calling 800-851-8651 or CLICK HERE TO APPLY.