App Review - Evernote

One very useful application for keeping track of information is Evernote. This specific application is great for users that regularly need to take notes or prefer voice memos. Especially for trucking, this application can be a valuable asset when a driver needs to remember something but does not have a pen and paper.

There are quite a few features that make Evernote great for trucking, but one of the most obvious features is that they can take voice memos using hands-free technology. This feature can be used for a number of different things. Truckers can use it to remember a specific stop that they need to make or an item they need to make a special stop to pick-up.

The next feature that Evernote offers users is that they can sync their notes to a Mac, PC or the Web. This means that they can access their content from just about any computer or anywhere that they might be. Being able to store note on a computer means that older notes do not have to take up space on the phone, but they can be accessed later on from the users computer. This feature may seem insignificant, but to many users, it will be the most important feature. Also, users have the ability to mark older notes as their favorites. This can be a useful tool because they can make a number of notes and not worry about losing the most important ones that they need to access at a later date.

There are a number of people that will benefit from this application besides truckers. The number of things that can be accomplished by Evernote are almost endless. It can be used for taking notes for research, jotting down ideas for a blog or just remembering a grocery list. This may be an application that is easily over-looked by users because it is very simple, but overall it is one of the most useful and practical apps that a person can have on their phone.

Overall, finding an application that offers this many features that are not only helpful, but also make everyday life easier is rare. The fact that users can take voice memos, photo reminders or just regular text notes is well worth downloading this application. The very few flaws that this app has are over-shadowed by the fact that it is very helpful.


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