App Review: Google Maps

One of the most popular apps amongst people that work for trucking companies or travel for a living is Google Maps. There are a number of features on the Google Maps application that make trucking much easier.

The first feature that this particular application has is navigation. Anyone on the road can use this to get to their location quickly and efficiently. With turn-by-turn directions, users can get a precise location and never feel like they are lost in the city ever again even if they have never been there before. This aids people that deliver by truck because sometimes there is some walking involved, and the app supports walking directions as well.

Compass mode of the Google Maps application is also a very useful feature. This particular feature shows a user exactly which direction they are facing. This is great for people that have a habit of losing what direction they were traveling and allows them to reach their destination much quicker.

The list directions option can also be helpful for the people that would rather read the directions instead of hearing a voice. This for when the turn-by-turn directions are confusing a driver because then they can choose to view the entire trip in words so they can make any changes to their route before they start.

The latitude feature can be particularly useful for people that network with many other people that use this particular app. The latitude feature gives the user the option to share their location with friends and family, so that they can be easily found if they are waiting on someone, or they just want to show off that they are in a certain store.

There are an endless number of uses for the Google Maps mobile application, and users that know what they want in an app will most likely enjoy it the most. Overall, there are very few navigation apps that offer this many features, and most other applications are not cross-platform, so users cannot share stuff with a friend that has different phone. For users that use Google Maps, they never have to worry about compatibility or reliability.

For more information, visit the official Google Maps Mobile page.


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