App Review: Smrtguard

There are hundreds of thousands of apps floating through the world of the smartphone, making it tough to decipher which are genuinely useful. One app that is currently receiving a lot of publicity is Smrtguard. This app is a multi-tasking program which is geared towards protection from viruses, the backup of data, and protection of the phone itself. While there are a few downsides, this app has quite a few features which make it a great option for those with traveling and trucking jobs.

The first operation that this app carries out after downloading is a scan of the smartphone itself. It is searching for malware, viruses, and spam. This problem has slowly grown in recent years and extended to phone apps and mobile sites. The anti-spam and anti-virus protection is updated continuously after initial purchase as well. For those in the trucking industry, a smartphone may become the primary connection to email, online banking, and entertainment. This means that the threat of viruses grows exponentially during every day of use.

The next feature of this app is to save, store, and automatically update information on the phone. While many service providers are currently doing this for a sizable fee, Smrtguard offers data backup for all users. Data is wirelessly sent to servers and updated at regular intervals. This means that if the phone is ever lost, stolen, or broken, all information is saved. It also allows users to transfer pictures, movies, and contact lists over to new phones at a single click of the button.

The final, and perhaps most important feature of this app is the comprehensive plan for lost and stolen phones. For those with trucking jobs, a smartphone that is forgotten in a restaurant, restroom, or gas station can mean the phone is hundreds of miles away in the blink of an eye. Smrtguard offers a location service through the GPS signal in a smartphone. Users can log onto the Smrtguard website and get the location of their phone within moments. If the phone was in fact stolen, the phone can be remotely locked down and all information deleted from the memory.

The only noticeable downsides are the monthly charges and the energy consumption. If this service is kept active for multiple years, the same amount of money would pay for a new phone many times over. This service must also be kept active on the phone at all times, using slightly more energy and memory.

Even with these few downsides, this app still has quite a bit to offer. It is especially useful for those in the traveling, transportation, and trucking industries as it keeps their smartphone and personal data safe while on the go.

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