App Review: Vlingo

While a select few master the fine art of tapping little smart phone keys with their thumbs, many struggle with performing actions such as text messaging and writing memos on their handheld devices. Some may feel that using touch screen technology is a bit easier, but for others, inaccurate touch screen devices often evoke instant nostalgia for old-fashioned hard-keys. That's why Vlingo, an application that enables you to do anything you want to do on your phone -- without your hands -- is the ultimate solution, especially if, like those in the trucking industry, having voice functionality is a not a luxury for you, but a must.

If mobile devices are truly devices that support mobility, then you shouldn't really have to interact with them with your hands. Looking at Vlingo from this point of view, people with highly mobile lifestyles like trucking jobs, should consider Vlingo a God-send. It allows you to talk to your mobile phone, is a virtual assistant to whom you can give tasks to carry-out for you, so you can focus on the more important business of trucking -- which is keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

As long as you have a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone that runs OS 2.0 or higher, a Nokia or one of the most common Windows Mobile devices, you can download Vlingo one-two-three. Buying Vlingo for a one-time fee provides you with Vlingo features for a single mobile device for at least two years. For every mobile device you use to which you decide to add Vlingo, you have to pay a separate fee. The fee is about $20. If you compare the cost of Vlingo to say, paying a real-life person to give you the same help that it does, it's a steal. Of course, if you're in trucking, you're always on the go and there really is no better method to manage the details of your day than using a speech-powered device that's right by your side.

So, what are some of the ways that Vlingo is invaluable to those with trucking jobs? Assuming that those with trucking jobs have their hands on the wheel of their trucks most of the time that they're working, safely using a mobile device isn't possible. Vlingo, however, will use your mobile device for you. It will call home, your office, or a pesky 800 number to pay a bill. It will send emails, text messages, write and save memos. It can be used to open your web browser and do a search. You can even deploy Vlingo to change your Facebook status or send a shout-out on Twitter.

Some issues that should be kept in mind are that not all the above features are available under your one-time fee and may cost extra so it's important to read the details of the license you purchase before you purchase Vlingo. Another is the typical caveat regarding speech recognition: it's not always 100%. Your commands may be misunderstood from time to time. The more you use Vlingo, though, the more you become aware of how it works best, so just like a real-life assistant, you'll need to build a relationship.


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+1Try out pulse. I use google reader because pulse doesn’t sync good enough yet with google reader and it’s missing a few features. Despite that though, it’s a very well done app that works well with tablets too.

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