App Review - WeatherBug

The WeatherBug application is a service that provides real-time weather information to smart phone users. The service runs a continuous monitor on the weather throughout the U.S.A., and is ideal for trucking use. You can easily view weather data from nearly anywhere in the country.

The WeatherBug app has various features that are essential for traveling over the open road. Truckers can check the day’s forecast as well as view a seven day forecast. It also provides hourly updates. Data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and dew point levels are provided. The information is given based on your location rather than the nearest airport or train station.

One of the best features of the WeatherBug app is the frequent automatic update function. This means no matter where you go, the weather data will be accurate. If you are trucking across the country, you will have live updates every moment. The data is displayed in easy to read formats. Opening the application to receive updates is not necessary, which makes it even more convenient.

WeatherBug also allows you to view the weather in certain areas via videos and snapshots. You can check the radar and view satellite maps while you are on the road as well. These functions combined with severe weather alerts from WeatherBug mean there will be no surprises when you are on the road. Not only does the app provide you with these basic functions, there are more complex features for the serious traveler.

The connections on the WeatherBug app run smoothly. Data appears within seconds, and the screen transitions are fluid. WeatherBug works well with other applications as well. The user interface is sophisticated yet easy to understand. If you travel extensively, you can even save multiple locations so the application quickly delivers the information you need.

One disadvantage to using WeatherBug is the battery drainage. However, battery life is extended when the continuous update function is deactivated. Some users complain that the app stops working unexpectedly, but reinstalling the app can fix it. While there may be some bugs to work out, it is one of the most convenient and accurate weather monitors available. Whether you are trucking across the country or taking a weekend trip, WeatherBug will help you know what to expect from Mother Nature.


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