Choosing a Trucking Company

For many new drivers looking into a career in the trucking industry, it is difficult to know the difference between trucking companies.  Choosing the right company for you will make your job as enjoyable as possible.

Each company offers different benefits, including pay, home time, equipment, benefits, and dispatch.  Understanding your own personal needs is essential to finding the best trucking company for you.  For example, some drivers look to maximize their income, and are willing to spend weeks on end out on the road.  Other drivers have families, and look for closer regional routes so they can get home often.

Answering these questions will help you choose the best trucking company for you:

  • How frequently and for how long would you like to get home?
  • Do you want closer regional runs or cross country OTR runs?
  • Do you want to work for a large or small company?
  • Do you want to unload freight?
  • What benefits are important to you (health, dental, life, vacation pay, etc)?

It is also very important in any company you work for to build a relationship with your dispatcher.  Dispatchers can make your job easier or more difficult based on the loads you are assigned.  A good working relationship with a dispatcher will help you get better loads and minimize your unfavorable runs.  For most trucking companies, the most efficient and safest drivers get the best loads, so it is important to maintain safe driving and work as efficiently as possible.

It is best to ask as many questions as possible when signing on with a new carrier.  A good fit between drivers and the trucking companies they work for is an important factor in long-term success.


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