Finding the Best Truck Driving Jobs

There are a variety of trucking jobs available at any time.  How can you, as a professional driver, maximize your earning potential?  Here are a few tips to improve your chances, and get a great new truck driving job.

1. Keep your driving record clean

Especially in the world of CSA 2010, a clean driving record is essential.  Driving safely to avoid tickets and accidents will not only keep you (and others) safe, but will increase your earning potential for the long term.  Safe drivers will have more opportunities and earn more than drivers with blemishes on their driving record. 

2. Keep a good work history

Maintaining a solid work history will make you more valuable in the job market.  Never leave a job without a new position lined up if at all possible.  Quitting before you have a new job will lead to gaps in employment history that are suspect to potential employers.  Even if you dislike your current job, try to stick it out until you are hired into a new position.

3. Know what is on your DAC and MVR reports

Your DAC and MVR reports will tell a lot about your driving habits to a new employer.  You should know what is on the reports to be able explain any issues.  Also, there may be errors on your report, so knowing what is on there will enable you to dispute these errors.  You should dispute any errors you see immediately.  It is a good practice to order these reports on regular intervals (every 6 months) or when you are in the market for a new job.

4. Maintain or get common endorsements for your license

Endorsements, such as tanker, hazmat, and doubles/triples will make you more valuable to employers.  Even if you are not currently using your endorsements, it is a good idea to maintain them for any future jobs you are interested in.

5. Make sure you stay current on regulations

Knowing and understanding current regulations in trucking is important to maintaining a professional driving career.  New employers will need to feel confident you understand the legal aspects of driving and will comply with regulations.


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