Fuel Efficiency Saves Money for Trucking Companies

Fuel efficiency in trucks is a pretty hot topic these days, and for good reason. Aside from the obvious financial concerns revolving around this issue, there are many other reasons to take the research being done on this very seriously. This article will discuss some of these reasons.

TSImage-80376940All people know that having a more fuel efficient truck will result in more savings. If a truck uses its fuel more efficiently, it will obviously be burning less fuel for longer trips. This also means that the truck is running at full efficiency, and that it is in perfect working condition. All of these things result to some very significant savings for the trucker.

More Aerodynamic Trucks for Better Fuel Efficiency

Right now, research is being conducted as to how to reduce the drag on trucks by making them more aerodynamic. By reducing the air drag, researchers believe that they can increase fuel usage efficiency by up to 12%. This percentage leads to savings that are both economical and ecological.

Billions in Savings

A 12% increase in fuel usage efficiency basically means that trucks will be saving around 3.4 billion gallons of diesel fuel every year, which amounts to around 10 billion dollars saved. By identifying and reducing the areas of a truck that are the most non-aerodynamic, so much money can be saved. Non-aerodynamic parts are those where unnecessary air dragging occurs. Examples include hood ornaments, protruding bumpers, vertical antennas, and more.

Conserving The Planet’s Oil Supply

Of course, increasing the fuel usage efficiency does not only benefit truckers financially. The 3.4 billion gallons of diesel fuel saved annually will make a significant difference to the rate at which we drain our planet’s limited oil supply. Truckers rely on diesel, and by working to use that diesel as efficiently as possible, researchers are actually improving the chances of the world’s oil supply lasting longer.

Reducing Toxic Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Also, a 12% increase in usage efficiency also means that that’s 3.4 billion gallons of diesel that are not being used by these vehicles. This fuel savings amounts to 36 million tons of carbon dioxide not needlessly being deposited into the atmosphere. It is not only a financially beneficial to further this research, but it is also for the greater good of every human being living on the planet.

That is why some of the planet’s minds, including the people at NASA, are hard at work in figuring out how to reduce a semi-truck’s drag. If they can find a way to implement their findings on the trucks worldwide, it will make a significant difference in how much more efficiently fuel will be utilized, and benefit us both economically and ecologically.


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