The Impact of Drug Convictions, Felonies and DUIs on Being a Truck Driver

There are many things you will need to consider beyond CDL requirements when you are looking to join the ranks of Owner Operators. This is because the trucking industry is an industry like none other, but at the end of the day, it is a job. You will need to meet the requirements of the employer in order to get hired to do the job.

One of the big concerns people have is about getting hired for trucking jobs with a conviction record. This is a concern because in spite of the assurances of trucking schools, you will hear about the impossibility to get hired with an arrest record. It is important to get all of the facts before jumping to conclusions.

Automatic Disqualifications
There are only two felonies which will absolutely bar you from getting a job as a trucker:
•    Felony conviction with a weapon
•    Intent or attempt to distribute or importing a controlled substance

You cannot get hired with these on your arrest record simply because of the federal laws which prohibit any employer from hiring someone with this arrest record. Generally, most companies will not even consider you if you have more than one felony. You can also give up trying if the company moves to Canada.

Time Considerations
The biggest thing many companies will look at if they are going to consider hiring someone with a felony arrest record is how long ago the offense happened. While there are some companies which will consider you after three years, most companies look for between 7 and 10 years instead.

Be Honest
No matter what there is on your arrest record, it is important to simply talk with the companies you are looking to work for. Those who will hire you will practice discretion. They will give you points for being honest. If you give them the opportunity to work around your arrest record, they will try to help you out.


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