Improving Fuel Efficiency in Semi Trucks

A recent increase in gas prices has caused many trucking companies and owner operators to be mindful of every penny spent at the pump.

Gas prices have increased this month to above $3.00 per gallon, and have not yet come back down.  This recent increase is part of a larger strategy to keep fuel costs low by watching miles and improving fuel efficiencies where possible.

Typical strategies to reduce fuel consumption include: reducing idle time, maintaining proper tire pressure, and eliminating quick accelerations.  Many companies have also gone a step further to install additional equipment on trucks and spend more time in trip routing to reduce additional unnecessary stops.

More advanced ways to improve truck fuel economy:

  • Reduce weight by avoiding unnecessary accessories like heavy chrome pieces.
  • Install aerodynamic skirts and components to manage air friction.
  • Manage your speed and using cruise control to avoid accelerations and burn less fuel.
  • Inspect your truck routinely and make sure it is in good repair.  A properly running truck will often get better fuel mileage.
  • Consider a hybrid model truck if you are looking at investing in new equipment.

Improving fuel efficiency will help both trucking companies and owner operators  maintain profitability and keep trucking for the long haul.


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very informative this will surely be a valiant move on driving greener.

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