New Programs to Save Fuel

With the high prices of diesel fuel, many trucking companies are implementing a variety of programs to cut fuel costs.  When properly implemented, these programs can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

One measure that is gaining popularity is speed governors on trucks.  When traveling at highway speeds, a decline of five mph improves fuel rates by .5 miles per gallon.  When this is stretched out over hundreds of trucks covering thousands of miles every day, the savings are significant.

Another measure is driver incentives to raise fuel efficiency.  Many companies are now offering bonuses and incentives for drivers that meet fuel economy goals.  This not only benefits the company, but benefits the driver at the same time.  Drivers may influence their fuel efficiency by driving steady speeds and using cruise control as much as possible.

A third measure that is gaining popularity is implementing equipment aimed specifically at reducing fuel consumption.  New aerodynamic technology is one way to improve MPG performance.  Items such as trailer side skirts and other aerodynamic technology has been shown to improve MPG efficiency by up to 10%.  This is a savings of up to $.40 per gallon when diesel prices are at $4.00 per gallon.  Another way to reduce fuel consumption is to reduce idling time.  Many trucking campanies are installing APU's to provide power and climate control for drivers while they are stopped.  Most trucks burn 1 gallon of fuel for every hour they idle, so reducing idle time while the driver is stopped can save up to 10 gallons of fuel per day.

When all of these fuel saving measures are combined, both drivers and trucking companies can greatly benefit.


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