The Pitfalls of Being an Owner Operator

There are many different things you will want to consider when thinking about being an Owner Operator. This is because after attending trucking schools, most people fantasize about rolling down the open road as Owner Operators rather than going to work for one of the big trucking companies. If you are considering trying your hand at being an Owner Operator, it is important to see all of the bad points which you face as well as the good ones.

The Expenses

When you are your own boss, it means you are responsible for all of your own expenses as well. You will not only have to make sure you have the education to meet the CDL requirements, you will have to be able to buy your own truck, insurance, gas and a list of other necessities.

Fighting for Trucking Jobs

When you get started, it is just you and your truck out there against the world. You will not have the support of a staff. You will also not have the ability to demand a certain pay to deliver freight. In fact, you will have to do your best to undercut those who get volume discounts on all their necessities.

Dreams of Fortune

Those who get started as Owner Operators have dreams of making it huge. The unfortunate fact is that many of those who get started in the industry simply do not have the ability to do anything more than break even. This includes those who go to work for the big companies by leasing out their truck.

Little Time at Home

It is important to keep in mind that the majority of those looking to make a living as owner operators spend very little time at home. You will spend the majority of your time looking for freights to carry and making sure that you will be able to get there in time to pick it up. You will spend a lot of time alone on the road.


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