Tips for Trucker Health


Anyone who has been a truck driver or has a close family member who drives knows the struggles life on the road represents.  The daily routine and emotions of being away from loved ones can take a toll on even the strongest individuals.  Knowing how to deal with the stress is essential for a long and happy career as an over the road driver company truck driver or owner operator.  Larger trucking companies will also often have programs to help you with staying fit both physically and mentally while on the road.


Eat right and exercise


Making healthy food choices on the road sometimes takes some getting used to, but will help you feel better and give you more energy.  Exercise is the same way.  Small changes, like walking more and maybe lifting a few weights, will help you feel better and put you in a better mood.


Stay positive


Focus on the positives in life and positive imagery.  Instead of thinking about issues and problems in the world and at home, think about all of the great memories you have of your last trip home and how good you feel about supporting your family through your work.


Stay in touch with friends and family


Technology advances in the last few years has made it easier to stay in touch.  Cell phones are affordable, and many free video chat programs are available.  Take advantage of technology to make sure you communicate on a consistent basis with friends and family.


Enjoy a hobby or entertainment options


Many truckers and owner operators enjoy a side hobby while they are on the road.  Some truckers are avid photographers, some enjoy reading, while many others maintain journals or blogs about their travels.  Many  hobbies can be easily adapted to the trucking lifestyle.   


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