Trucker Background Reports

As with any job, truckers often look for a new place of employment from time to time.  If you are considering a new career, it is essential that you monitor your background reports to make sure there is no inaccurate data.  Incorrect information may harm you chances of gaining a new job with a different company.

Background reporting agencies have an obligation under the federal law to use rational procedures to ensure accuracy when giving out background reports. In the United States with a population of millions of people, it is highly possible that the reporting company could send an incorrect report on applicants seeking these truck driving jobs. Incorrect information can end up on a background report for many reasons. Information may have been keyed in wrong or criminals may give authorities the wrong name and social security number. Issues can become complicated for a hopeful job applicant when the background check comes back reporting that they have a criminal background.

Employers may obtain criminal background information and past employment records immediately. A lot of employers use this information to choose against taking on a hopeful job applicant.  When applying for truck driving jobs the applicant may be reported as a felon even though a past charge was dismissed. The applicant may later receive the copy of the report by mail that incorrectly shows a criminal history.

According to Federal law, interviewees should be given a duplicate copy of a harmful criminal background report when it is given to a potential employer. Also the employer is required to give applicants a notice of intent to reject employment when it is due to a criminal background report. Truck drivers are often subjected to these violations by reporting companies and turned down for trucking positions by potential employers of trucking companies. The solution to this problem can be found in the federal court system, which can consist of lost wages, attorney fees, and emotional distress.

As one of our nations professional drivers, be sure to always check your criminal background history, credit report, and MVR to ensure the information is fair, accurate, and up to date.


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