Trucking EOBR Study Findings

Electronic On Board Recorder (EOBR) study was conducted with the goal of determining how well teh devices would be received for use in everyday trucking.

The study covered the trucking companies that were using the recorders and those that weren’t. It also included the vendors of EOBRs. The aim of this was to understand why some of the carriers exhibited hesitancy in the acquisition of the devices, relating it to insufficiency in meeting the non-user expectations. Ideas were collected on how increased use of EOBRs could be achieved. Follow-up interviews collected were aimed at finding out if an EOBR mandate would gain acceptance with the vendors and motor carriers.

The study revealed that the reason most motor carriers hesitated to get the EOBRs was their costs, citing that even the most affordable systems were above reach, more so for the small carriers. There was also concern that the EOBRs would have a negative effect on driver retention. However, this concern was not conclusively depicted at the end of the study.

The study showed that with most motor-carriers, the EOBRs seemed more like a compulsion, rather than a system meant to increase on safety. An EOBR mandate was found to be desirable, as the benefits from this were pointed out as obvious. However, most carriers cited that the mandate would have bigger financial implications on the owners of larger fleets as compared to small-carriers with lesser fleets. The absence of standards for the EOBRs raised concern as well.

The conclusion derived at the end of the study, was that EOBRs have their place with trucking companies, and that potential benefits are in waiting. However, for any dream to be realized, the hindrances in the way, have to first be eradicated, before a mandate is put in place.

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