Trucking With Pets

Trucking with Pets - Everything you need to know! 

Many professional truck drivers use a variety of means for distraction and company while on the road.  Some choose radio, some choose books on CD, while others prefer the CB to keep them company. So some have begun to combat loneliness with … you guessed it: pets!

Things to consider before you take the leap

While an animal companion can be a wonderful thing, there are definitely a few things to consider before taking one on the road.

  1. Since the truck is essentially going to be their home, it needs to be treated as such. Make sure there’s plenty of food and water for them before you leave, or have an idea of where you can stop to get more if you run out. Some truck stops carry generic brands, and larger retail chains like Target and Walmart have truck parking or truck access. You can use the water at the fuel pumps if it’s available, but first make sure it’s drinkable.
  2. Make sure you stop to exercise your pet frequently since they’ll be cooped up in such a small space while you’re driving. This will help keep them from getting bored and restless in the cab, not to mention it’s just proper pet care to maintain health and activity. Dogs especially also need plenty of bathroom breaks – just make sure when you stop, you’re picking up after them as a courtesy to others.
  3. Account for temperature – don’t leave your pet in the truck for long when it’s extremely hot or cold; it’s not a good environment for people or animals.
  4. Pets aren’t allowed everywhere – truck repair shops included. Many of them have a driver’s lounge where you can wait with your pet, or will allow you to leave your pet in the truck while they work on it.


Just make sure you know what the policy is before you take your truck somewhere.
With a little attention, adjustments and extra work, caring for a pet on the road can make long drives a little less lonely, and responsibly caring for something can be very rewarding. Forming a good relationship could provide years of happy companionship for you and your pet!


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