Trucking Safety Technology Study

The primary goal of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - or FMCSA - is to reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents involving large trucks and trucking companies. The FMCSA has partnered with the trucking industry in recent years to test and evaluate technologies such as lane departure warning, forward radar, and stability control that increase safety for truckers and other motorists. This research has produced a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data that may be applied to future safety technology. Most of these research efforts have been made independently of each other in the past, but recent efforts to synthesize the research in order to come to stronger findings and conclusions and identify gaps and flaws in research. It is the hopes of the FMCSA and the trucking industry that the synthesis of this data will result in more targeted research activities and projects.


Phase one of this synthesis was to identify all interviews, focus group data, surveys, and other research data having to do with safety technology in the trucking industry. The extensive investigations that were performed for this study resulted in 17 instruments that focused on fleet managers, safety directors, and other carrier management as well as drivers and other stakeholders. A master database of questions was then compiled from all the collected data. After redundant questions were consolidated, discussions were held by the research teams to finalize and process the remaining data.

Research Findings

While most carriers were familiar with a number of safety technologies, it was found that the most researched technologies were not among the most widely installed safety features. It was discovered that lane departure warning, forward radar, and stability control systems were the fastest growing safety technologies, and that there is a growing acceptance of the implementation of such technologies. Consistent among the collected data was the growing desire for additional information on the benefits of safety technology and concerns about the cost of said technology.

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