Trucking School or On the Job Training

So, you have decided to start working as a trucker? There are a few things you will need to do before you are one of the fine Owner Operators on the open road every day. Meeting all of the CDL requirements is not always easy to do. You need the right instruction in order to get your license as well as to be able to be a safe driver.

The best way to be able to be safe while trucking is to get an education in the different things you need to watch out for while on trucking jobs. For many this will mean attending trucking schools. This is a course of action which is not for everyone. In fact, many prefer to get their training through on the job training. There are advantages to both and it is your job to make a wise decision about which one is right for you and your future.

Education through trucking classes
When you go through trucking school, the education you will get will be focused on making sure you have the abilities to meet all of the CDL requirements. They will teach you everything from how to properly load a truck to how to tie down freight on a flat bed. You will also learn minor roadside repairs as well as how to get help when you are in distress. Most importantly, you will learn how to avoid an accident. These skills will be taught in a classroom setting as well as in the driver’s seat.

Education through on the job training
Learning while you are working is a great to get started with making money. You will likely make a reduced amount because you are not of full use to the company you work for yet. There are states like Florida where you can get classroom training in exchange for working for the company. The great thing about on the job training is you get the experience of actually being on the road and encountering real world problems.


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