What are OTR Truck Driving Jobs?

When people think about careers in truck driving, they tend to think about OTR driving jobs. OTR jobs are the most popular and most common type of trucking job, simply because of the pay and the trucking companies' strong need for this type of driver.

There are plenty of differences between over the road driving and local driving that should be looked at before anyone makes a decision about their career. Knowing everything that you need to know about OTR truck driving jobs will help you to fully understand any potential differences, benefits, and negatives about this job market.

Difference Between OTR jobs and Local jobs

There is one major difference between over the road driving and local trucking jobs. Local trucking jobs only require day driving, meaning that the driving can be completed over the course of a day. OTR truck driving jobs differ from local trucking jobs as they are trucking jobs that can take a few weeks to finish and accomplish. Local drivers are able to head home after a day of driving, whereas OTR drivers are going to have to be away from home for that extended period of time.

Job Market

The job market for OTR drivers is incredibly strong, thanks to the constant need for the shipment of products and goods across state lines. While the market does take a small dip when the economy dips, it comes roaring back as the economy comes back. OTR truck driving jobs are generally the first jobs to bounce back, as they bounce back with the raise in production needed to cover the increased economy growth.


OTR driving jobs require an incredible amount of travelling, making travelling one of the most important things to consider about OTR driving. Those who have OTR trucking jobs will have to cover far greater distances than those with local trucking jobs. OTR drivers are expected to drive hundreds of miles, travelling from one coast to another. OTR drivers are generally going to have to sleep in their trucks, as they will be on the job for weeks at a time.

Companies You’ll Work With

You will be working with a wide variety of companies, and will have to do more work with specific suppliers than you would with local driving jobs. OTR driving jobs often move materials from one location to another, bringing suppliers and producers together to help a company crate their final product.

OTR trucking driving jobs are available all over the nation. You simply need to decide whether or not OTR driving is the right kind of driving for you and your personality. Take the time to learn as much as you can about all aspects of this kind of driving. The information that you take in will help you to decide whether or not this is the right kind of career for you.


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