What to do if Your CDL Has Been Revoked

You have gone through a lot in order to get to a point where you can work trucking jobs throughout the United States. You went through the right trucking schools and you met all of the CDL requirements. You ran into a snag at one point and had your CDL revoked. This does not mean you want to retire. Far from it. So, what are your options?

Identifying the Nature of the Revocation

The first thing you will need to know is why your CDL was revoked in the first place. This is because if it was revoked because it was not renewed, you may only have to take the skills test over again. The CDL requirements in Kentucky require this after a period of one year has elapsed.

Most every state has to abide by the requirements set by the Federal Government and the Department of Public Safety. This makes requirements such as a one year period in which drivers will have to wait to start the process of getting their CDL back.

Clearing the Offense

Whatever the offense was which caused the revocation, this will need to be resolved in order to get the CDL reinstated. Only after attending to the problem will the government lift the strike against your record banning you from reinstating your CDL.

Getting Reinstated

If you have cleared all of the hurdles caused by your CDL revocation, it is time to get it back. This may require as little as paying a fine and fee. It may also require you to take all of the skills tests again. You will need to check in with your state DMV to find out what the requirements of your state are in this regard.

Remember, just because your CDL has been revoked, it does not mean you can never work again. Even if you have to wait for a period of time, you will most likely be able to get your CDL back.


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