What Do You Need to Research When Transferring a CDL from State to State?

Whenever you move from one state to another, there are a few different loose ends you will always need to tie up. Owner Operators need to pay attention to getting their CDL endorsement from state to state. There are a few things you will need to look up in order to make sure that you are bringing in all of the right information. This will help you to transfer the CDL easier and keep trucking.

Some of the issues you will need to research include:

•    CDL requirements – While the CDL requirements will not be as in depth as when you obtained your license, there are still fairly in depth requirements to pay attention to. These are different from state to state, so you will need to contact the local DMV after you move to find out exactly what you will need.
•    Turning in your old license – When you transfer licenses you will need to hand over your old one. This is because it is illegal to have a license in two states.
•    Proof of trucking schools – In many instances, you will need to show the proof that you went to trucking schools. It does not matter how many trucking jobs you have worked at, if this is required and you do not have it, you will not get a transfer license.
•    Passing the test – When you are transferring your CDL, you will likely have to take the tests required by the state. These include the skills test as well as the vision tests.
•    Paying the fees – There will be fees associated with the license as well as the CDL endorsement. Every state has a different amount. The fee for a New Jersey CDL is $10. You will also need to pay the endorsement fees associated with any further endorsements like hazardous material hauling endorsements.
•    Know the documents – While some states will simply require your old CDL, others will require you to bring in your original birth certificate as well as bills sent to the new address. Compliance is required in order to get your new license.
•    Beat the deadline – Generally you have 30 days to get the new license or forfeit driving. Find out what your state requires and make sure to get everything done before then.


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