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Sleep Apnea Tied to Body Mass Index

A recent meeting of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with various medical groups was the site of a new proposal that would connect the body mass index of people who hold truck driving jobs with sleep apnea screening.

Sleep Apnea and Professional Drivers

Approximately 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, experiencing sleep disruptions and chronic daytime sleepiness. Many go to a doctor, schedule a sleep study and return to work the same day. Those with truck driving jobs, however, are typically told they can’t return to work until they complete a sleep study and show they’ve used CPAP equipment for a while. The entire process can entail months with no income.

Tax Write-Offs for Truckers

Whether an individual drives for trucking companies or is independent, there are many expenses that can be deducted when it comes time to file income taxes. Tax liability can be lowered by deducting eligible trucking expenses from gross income. Many employers may pay for some expenses but not others. If a driver pays for any work-related item but is not reimbursed by his employer, then generally he may claim that deduction. Truck drivers who are self-employed may claim all work-related expenses that are incurred. Some common deductions for truck driving jobs are listed below.

Natural Gas in Trucking

In response to rising fuel costs businesses are adapting to the challenges by investing in alternative fuels. These companies are not limited to trucking companies but businesses that utilize a service fleet or manage transport. U.P.S., AT&T, cities, and municipal governments are a small sample of organizations that have branched out to use alternative fuels.

Driving to Save Fuel

While heavy-duty truck manufacturers are designing a new generation of trucks that will achieve much better mileage, trucking companies are trying to achieve much better mileage from the trucks in service today.

Though Impractical, 55 MPH is Most Efficient

Best Stops for Food: Coast to Coast

When you’re driving across the country and you’re on your fifth stop at a McDonalds in three days, any kind of food variety is appreciated. There’s only two big problems – “How do you know what’s good and where do you find it?”

Well, now you don’t have to worry because this list of great places to eat will have you avoiding those golden arches and on your way to an unknown food paradise as you maneuver your way from West Coast to East Coast.

Screening for Sleep Apnea

Sleep is a precious commodity. Without adequate sleep the body and mind begin to weaken causing reaction time to wane and senses to dull.

New concern is being placed on the quality of sleep that professional drivers are receiving.  In some instance, the culprit is found to be Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  Companies trucking companies are now taking steps to prevent accidents caused by the condition.

What is OSA?

Trucking Faces Driver Shortages - Higher Wages Projected

If truck driving jobs remain unfilled and freight volume increases continue at their current levels, by this time next year the shortage of full-time driving positions is forecast to reach 300000, equaling the shortage experienced in 2004.

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