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Cargo Theft in the Trucking Industry

While the total number of cargo thefts for the first six months of this year was slightly lower than the number of thefts during the same period last year, according to FreightWatch International Inc., a security firm from Austin, Texas, that deals in the logistics and tracking of cargo thefts, what is on the rise is the number of “deceptive pickups.” Taking cargo loads that are unattended is still a common means of theft, but tricking a driver or cargo company out of a load is becoming more popular among thieves.

App Review: Vlingo

While a select few master the fine art of tapping little smart phone keys with their thumbs, many struggle with performing actions such as text messaging and writing memos on their handheld devices. Some may feel that using touch screen technology is a bit easier, but for others, inaccurate touch screen devices often evoke instant nostalgia for old-fashioned hard-keys.

App Review: Smrtguard

There are hundreds of thousands of apps floating through the world of the smartphone, making it tough to decipher which are genuinely useful. One app that is currently receiving a lot of publicity is Smrtguard. This app is a multi-tasking program which is geared towards protection from viruses, the backup of data, and protection of the phone itself. While there are a few downsides, this app has quite a few features which make it a great option for those with traveling and trucking jobs.

Trucker Background Reports

As with any job, truckers often look for a new place of employment from time to time.  If you are considering a new career, it is essential that you monitor your background reports to make sure there is no inaccurate data.  Incorrect information may harm you chances of gaining a new job with a different company.

Natural Gas Fuels: The Future of Trucking?

With the international struggle over crude oil bringing gas prices to unimaginable heights and diesel fuel hovering around $4 a gallon and holding, the transportation industry is suffering, especially for truckers. Luckily, natural gas fuels are a cheaper and more efficient option on the horizon, although the road to that horizon seems like a long one and there are some obstacles in the way. Many cities across the country, however, have begun the journey by switching some or all of their fleets to natural gas-consuming vehicles.

Becoming an Owner Operator

To become an owner operator is to gain the independence that comes with self-employment. Sadly, it is also to take on the burden and risk of self-employment, and these can sometimes outweigh its advantages. Whether they will is often under the driver's control as businessman. A good truck driver does not necessarily a successful owner operator make, but at the same time, success as driver will likely accompany success as owner operator. To become owner operator is truly to reach the pinnacle of accomplishment in the truck driving profession.

New Programs to Save Fuel

With the high prices of diesel fuel, many trucking companies are implementing a variety of programs to cut fuel costs.  When properly implemented, these programs can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

One measure that is gaining popularity is speed governors on trucks.  When traveling at highway speeds, a decline of five mph improves fuel rates by .5 miles per gallon.  When this is stretched out over hundreds of trucks covering thousands of miles every day, the savings are significant.

Trucking With Pets

Trucking with Pets - Everything you need to know! 

Many professional truck drivers use a variety of means for distraction and company while on the road.  Some choose radio, some choose books on CD, while others prefer the CB to keep them company. So some have begun to combat loneliness with … you guessed it: pets!

Things to consider before you take the leap

While an animal companion can be a wonderful thing, there are definitely a few things to consider before taking one on the road.

Finding the Best Truck Driving Jobs

There are a variety of trucking jobs available at any time.  How can you, as a professional driver, maximize your earning potential?  Here are a few tips to improve your chances, and get a great new truck driving job.

1. Keep your driving record clean

Saving Money on the Road

Truck driving jobs can be lucrative, but expenses while on the road can eat into your trucking profits. Keeping your costs down while traveling can help you keep more money in your wallet. Here are five tips to help you save money while traveling.

1. Avoid Fast Food

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