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App Review - Evernote

One very useful application for keeping track of information is Evernote. This specific application is great for users that regularly need to take notes or prefer voice memos. Especially for trucking, this application can be a valuable asset when a driver needs to remember something but does not have a pen and paper.

App Review - Trapster

Trapster is a free navigation app for the Apple iPhone and iPad that is particularly useful for frequent over-the-road travellers, such as truckers. What Trapster does particularly well is alert you to upcoming road hazards, enforcement checkpoints and other similar events. Trapster certainly isn’t the first app of its kind, but it distinguishes itself, as well as overcome some shortcomings common to apps like these, by powering itself through social networking.

App Review: Google Maps

One of the most popular apps amongst people that work for trucking companies or travel for a living is Google Maps. There are a number of features on the Google Maps application that make trucking much easier.

App Review - WeatherBug

The WeatherBug application is a service that provides real-time weather information to smart phone users. The service runs a continuous monitor on the weather throughout the U.S.A., and is ideal for trucking use. You can easily view weather data from nearly anywhere in the country.

Truck Driver Statistics

Truck driving is a unique career that draws all types of new drivers to join the industry.  Drivers of all ages, locations, and backgrounds can be found behind the wheel of the largest vehicles on the road and working for a variety of trucking companies.  The results below are from a recent survey of approximately 1200 drivers.

Trucking EOBR Study Findings

Electronic On Board Recorder (EOBR) study was conducted with the goal of determining how well teh devices would be received for use in everyday trucking.

Trucking Facts

Part Smart has recently released an infographic that should provide some valuable information for any prospective truckers planning on enrolling in truck driving schools. This is not meant to encourage or discourage anyone interested in this industry, but it's fascinating information nevertheless.

Study Conducted to Examine HOS Rules

The commercial driver Hours of Service rules - or HOS rules - were first instituted in 1939 and remained virtually unchanged for nearly 60 years. Recently, new research on sleep patterns, fatigue, and driver safety resulted in these rules being reconsidered. The original HOS rules were finally overhauled in 2003, and the changes were put into effect the following year in 2004.

Top Contributing Factors to Trucking Accidents

A recent study by the American Transport Research Institute, or ATRI, showed driving history was a significant factor in predicting future crashes.

The goal of this recent study was to determine any driver behaviors that could be linked to future crashes. The study analyzed several different databases, comparing driver records in 2008 with their accident records for the next 12 months (2009)

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