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Reducing Your Insurance Premiums

Getting the best rate for truck insurance is essential for any independent owner operator or trucking company.  Knowing the factors that insurance companies consider when determining a quote will help you reduce this expense. The most common factors include: driving history, number of trucks, radius of operation, insurance claims history, and safety violations.

Improving Safety for Trucking Companies

There has been a lot of discussion over the past year about safety improvements in the trucking industry.  Implementation of CSA 2010 and potential changes to HOS rules are two issues currently changing the industry.

New iPhone App Helps Drivers Pass CDL Exams

A new app for the iPhone titled “Easy CDL” has been launched to help potential new drivers prepare for their CDL exams and start a truck driving job.

The Easy CDL app covers the basic information that is needed to successfully pass the CDL multiple-choice test.  The information is covered in individual lessons and has audio lectures to aid in the learning process.  In addition, the app includes 430 practice questions complete with explanations why the answer is correct.

Improving Fuel Efficiency in Semi Trucks

A recent increase in gas prices has caused many trucking companies and owner operators to be mindful of every penny spent at the pump.

Gas prices have increased this month to above $3.00 per gallon, and have not yet come back down.  This recent increase is part of a larger strategy to keep fuel costs low by watching miles and improving fuel efficiencies where possible.

Preparing for CSA 2010

Many trucking companies, truck drivers, and independent owner operators have heard about the new CSA 2010 rules.  However, a good many trucking companies are still unclear of exactly how the rules will affect their daily operations.

Owner Operator Truck Loans

If you are a driver looking to get into the owner operator business, getting a loan may be difficult if you are a first time buyer.  Here are the main criteria lenders will look at in order to approve you for a truck loan:


Experience: How long have you been driving a truck? Do you have over the road experience?

CSA 2010 Maintenance Issues

The CSA 2010 has a definite emphasis on running commercial vehicles safely and well maintained.  There are a few major maintenance issues that pose the most significant threat for CSA 2010 non-compliance for trucking companies and owner operators.

Lighting & wiring

CSA 2010 Driver Inspection Report

The new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's new CSA 2010 program places a strict emphasis on vehicle maintenance.  This is a key are where owner operators and trucking companies could be more at risk for non-compliance with CSA 2010. 

It is estimated as many as 10 to15 percent of large fleets are at risks for maintenance violation interventions.  Smaller fleets have a higher potential risk.

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