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Overview of CSA 2010

The new Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010) program is a federal government program targeted at reducing the number of crashes involving commercial vehicles.  The program will be in effect nationwide in December 2010.

So, what is involved in this new program and how will it affect truck drivers and owner operators?

HazMat Endorsement for your CDL

Having a valid HazMat endorsement can open up new truck driving jobs and new loads for both company drivers and owner operators.  Here are the steps to obtain your HazMat endorsement.

Step 1 – Take the test.  Your state will have a test for HazMat endorsement that you must pass.  The test is generally administered through your state department of transportation or motor vehicles.

Alaska Owner Operator Trucking

Many have been introduced to the life of trucking in Alaska through The History Channel’s series: Ice Road Truckers.  The show takes a candid look at the harsh realities of truck driving in these harsh conditions.  So what does it really take to be an owner operator or company truck driver in Alaska?

Business Considerations for Owner Operators

Part 4: Business considerations for owner operators

As an owner operator, you will need to form a legal business structure, file for taxes, and protect your assets appropriately.  Consulting professionals in these areas is an important and worthwhile aspect of running your business.

Financial Considerations for Owner Operators

Part 2: Financial considerations of becoming an owner operator

Keeping a strongly health cash flow and good financial situation will help tremendously in your owner operator success.  The following are some financial considerations to becoming and owner operator.

Owner Operator Personality Traits

This article series covers the transition from a company driver to a successful owner operator with your own trucking company.  There are a variety of factors to consider when looking into an owner operator arrangement instead of a company truck driving job.  These considerations include personal, financial, equipment, and business decisions.

Trucker Safety

Driving a truck for long periods of time not only results in fatigue, but may present specific risks to overall health and safety.  Whether you are an owner operator or a company truck driver, there are many ways you may reduce the chance if injury.

Successful Owner Operator

When beginning a career in the trucking industry, drivers must decide whether they want to work as a company driver or independent owner operator.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each arrangement.

Technology Trends for Trucking Companies

Advanced technology is fast becoming standard practice in the trucking industry for many trucking companies and truck drivers.  This technology can help improve tracking, improve driving safety for drivers, and better track logistics.

Some of the most recent technology trends for the trucking industry include:

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