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Improved Information Flow for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are increasingly relying on electronic information for safety, vehicle information, and traffic routing during their long trips.

The technology of many modern trucks may include GPS navigators, traffic information relays, vehicle diagnostics, messaging systems, weather alerts, and possibly even time tracking equipment to track a driver’s hours on the road.

Reduce Commercial Trucking Insurance Cost

A vital aspect of your truck driving job is insurance.  However, many truck drivers have the same insurance stories – year and after year premium increase regardless of your driving record.  There are many practical and easy ways to help minimize these expense increases and maintian proper credentials for your truck driving job

Life As a Trucker

Life as a truck driver is an often misunderstood career to many that are not in the industry.  Surprisingly little is known about the lives lead by the individuals that deliver everything from the food we eat to the cars we drive. 

Truck Driving School Basics

So you have decided a private truck driving school is the way to go, what exactly should you be looking for?  What will help you land a good truck driving job?

The Finances of Being an Owner Operator

There is more involved in being Owner Operators than going to trucking schools and getting all of the necessary CDL requirements. Being your own business has many of the costs which are associated with any kind of trucking jobs. It is important to know what these expenses are so that you will be properly prepared for the road ahead. You will be able to enjoy your trucking career more if you know what to expect.

Trucking School or On the Job Training

So, you have decided to start working as a trucker? There are a few things you will need to do before you are one of the fine Owner Operators on the open road every day. Meeting all of the CDL requirements is not always easy to do. You need the right instruction in order to get your license as well as to be able to be a safe driver.

The Pitfalls of Being an Owner Operator

There are many different things you will want to consider when thinking about being an Owner Operator. This is because after attending trucking schools, most people fantasize about rolling down the open road as Owner Operators rather than going to work for one of the big trucking companies. If you are considering trying your hand at being an Owner Operator, it is important to see all of the bad points which you face as well as the good ones.

What to do if Your CDL Has Been Revoked

You have gone through a lot in order to get to a point where you can work trucking jobs throughout the United States. You went through the right trucking schools and you met all of the CDL requirements. You ran into a snag at one point and had your CDL revoked. This does not mean you want to retire. Far from it. So, what are your options?

Identifying the Nature of the Revocation

What Do You Need to Research When Transferring a CDL from State to State?

Whenever you move from one state to another, there are a few different loose ends you will always need to tie up. Owner Operators need to pay attention to getting their CDL endorsement from state to state. There are a few things you will need to look up in order to make sure that you are bringing in all of the right information. This will help you to transfer the CDL easier and keep trucking.

Some of the issues you will need to research include:

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