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US and Mexico Truck Inspection Standards Update March 2016

US and Mexico Truck Inspection Standards Update March 2016


Role of Automated and Self-Driving Trucks in Shaping the Future of the Trucking Industry

The news of the self-driving truck has taken the trucking industry by storm. Some experts predict a negative impact on the trucking industry, while others believe that this will make the roads safer and provide more flexibility to truck drivers all over the United States.

As a truck driver, you likely wonder what this new technology means for you, your career, and the future of the field of trucking. Find out more about where automated trucking is going and how it will affect you.


Barr-Nunn Earns 3 Service Awards from FedEx SmartPost

Granger, IA (August 8, 2013) Barr-Nunn has been chosen as Regional Carrier of the Year by FedEx SmartPost for the fiscal year 2013. In addition to this prestigious award Barr-Nunn also received the 100% On Time Service Award and the Peak Performance Award.

Highway Angels Recognized for Helping Injured Trucker

They are the latest Highway Angels. They are Carl and Eva Marshall of Payette, Idaho. The owner-operators of Marshall Trucking have been recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA). The TCA sponsors a program that acknowledges the good works of truckers while on the job.

The Marshalls are being honored for coming to the aid of an injured motorist during a bitterly cold winter morning.

Changes in Hours of Service to take effect

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has now finalized the changes to the service hours affecting all drivers on the road. According to the FMCSA spokesman, the actual “effective date” of the alterations occurred over a year ago, however, the majority of carriers have not been adhering to the new regulations up to this point.

Some owners and operates have given the changes a chance, but, as is common with previous revisions, any additional restrictions on companies are a tough sale at the outset.

CSA Priorities

Associate Administrator for Enforcement of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Bill Quade commented at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Workshop held annually in Louisville, Kentucky that the bureau is motivated to commence ahead with making the Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category of the new Hazardous Materials Compliance public in November of this year or December of this year. His announcements took place during a one-day class on April 22 that was called a Life Cycle of Roadside Inspection Violation.

Changes to In-Cab Computing

In the years before smartphones and tablets, large sums were invested by the trucking industry to run various applications. Software pertaining to compliance, safety, and customer service was installed on heavy-duty, business-grade mobile computing systems. 

Small Changes Increase Fuel Economy

An owner-operator changing their axle configuration can increase fuel economy by a significant percentage; upwards of five percent. This is a proven strategy, but it's not often recommended because it takes longer to see the return of the initial investment.

Problems with CSA Data Quality

The level of frustration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program reached a new high during 2 days of meetings recently held by an FMCSA advisory committee.

A team of representatives for motor carriers, trade associations, brokers, law enforcement and shareholders voiced their grievances at the conference held in Washington, D.C., specifically with regard to the lack of fault and preventative measures for crashes as well as the overall credibility of its safety ratings.

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