Highway Angels Recognized for Helping Injured Trucker

They are the latest Highway Angels. They are Carl and Eva Marshall of Payette, Idaho. The owner-operators of Marshall Trucking have been recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA). The TCA sponsors a program that acknowledges the good works of truckers while on the job.

The Marshalls are being honored for coming to the aid of an injured motorist during a bitterly cold winter morning.

It was specifically December 15, 2012, at 5:45 a.m. I-80 off Elk Mountain, Wyoming, was being bombarded with wind and snow, compounding the darkness. An unfortunate patch of black ice sent a tractor on a spin. It jackknifed, blocking the road. The tractor was hauling double trailers, which spilled onto I-80. The Marshalls were moving westbound when they spied the wreck. Before they could do anything, a second tractor trailer showed up, colliding violently with one of the trailers. The top of the cab was sheared off.

With debris flying, Carl brought his car to a stop. While Eva called for help and used their CB to warn any approaching traffic, Carl went to see what he could do for the truck drivers. A highway patrolman joined Carl. They went searching for the driver in the sheared tractor-trailer and found it empty. Carl found the man on the side of the road. Covered in oil and blood, the driver had suffered significant injury to his face and back.

To prevent his freezing to death, Carl got the driver to his truck. He and Eva tended to him, placing compresses on the wounds. They were with him the entire 45 minutes before emergency medical personnel arrived.

The trucker was so appreciative of the Marshalls’ kindness he went ahead and nominated the Marshalls for the Highway Angel Award. Since its inception in August 1997, the TCA has presented the Highway Angel Award to hundreds of drivers that have demonstrated unusual courtesy, kindness and courage while on the job. The Highway Angel nominations come to the TCA through numerous e-mails and letters from individuals all across North America.

The Marshalls were recently presented with the Highway Angel lapel pin, patch and certificate.

The Marshalls have been driving for almost 15 years, covering somewhere between three and four million miles over that time. Their travels have taken them across many a cold weather state where they have unfortunately seen many a vehicle roll or slide off the road. They admit though, that December incident stood out. Carl hadn’t believed that driver had survived. He feels someone was definitely looking out for him.