's data disagrees with the Government's trucking jobs report

No, no, don't listen to those other whiners, the trucking jobs out there are coming in as positive numbers and we're here to prove it. Take a close look, or just barely look, we don't care either way but if you even glance at the graphs below the picture tells a story.

There has a been a lot of industry discussion this month about August numbers of whether the trucking industry has been gaining, losing or just staying neutral in jobs growth. Trucking job trends can be a diverse set of numbers touching entirely different industries. Just recently there were numbers released on September 3rd by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. The basic numbers put the for-hire trucking industry at a gain of 400 jobs during the month of August.

There were two widely read publications that took to the story a bit differently judging by the title of their article. You have the title, "Trucking Jobs added in August" by and you also have "Trucking Jobs Nearly Flat in August" by the Commercial Carrier Journal over at CCJ Digital. You either have the glass that's half full or the one that is half empty. While the BLS numbers are an accurate gauge of the industry there are also other indicators you can look at to get a feel of the trucking industry.


Trucking Job Trends

We had a look at's, Trucking Job Trends report which is a representation of public job listings showing up across thousands of job sites that Indeed scours to place new job listings on it's site. There are two ways to look at the data on Indeed. You can look at the absolute job listings or the relative job listings. While the absolute listings for the trucking related jobs is seeing a nice climb since January of 2010 the relative listings show a dramatic difference between the growth of the trucking industry compared to all other jobs in the economy.

While the numbers coming out from BLS reports can sound as if the glass is half empty, with this new data in hand it has to be almost unmistakable that the glass is Indeed, no pun intended, half full and fairly stable. Opening up the search terms to other related searches in the trucking industry you will find that generally these have strong trend lines as well. The Owner Operator job posting trend seems to have stalled a little bit in the end of July but is still higher than most other industry's when looking at their relative growth on Indeed.

If you feel the need to depress yourself, just dig in deep to the BLS information as they report that payroll employment is down from a year earlier by 0.9 percent and that total 


employment is down by over 213k to 1.24 million. The biggest numbers for the trucking industry according to BLS was in January of 2007 and we're down almost 15 percent of that. What they don't tell you though is that these numbers don't include a lot of trucking jobs out there that are hiring. Any job that is trucking related, like a private fleet hiring a truck driver are not reported in these numbers! In addition to that the numbers only include new jobs.

If you keep hearing that trucking jobs are stalling, don't listen to them. The data says otherwise. Those jobs are out there and trucking companies, compared to other job markets, is looking pretty strong.


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