Mesilla Valley Retrofits Trailers

The look of tractor-trailers across the country may rapidly change in coming years. Aerodynamic fairings at the rear of vehicles reduce drag, potentially cutting fuel consumption by 6.6 percent at 65 mph. ATDynamics is one if the foremost suppliers worldwide of these lightweight thermoplastic composite fairings, which can be installed in less than 45 minutes.

"ATDynamics is committed to redefining the shape of the modern semi-trailer. In a few years, a company using box-shaped, un-aerodynamic trailers without TrailerTails will be as strange as a company choosing to use typewriters instead of email," said Andrew Smith, CEO and founder of ATDynamics.

Their product, TrailerTail(R), has now been installed on the whole fleet of tractor-trailers operated by one of the larger freight companies in the Southwest, Mesila Valley Transportation (MVT). That's 4,000 tractor-trailers that transport goods for MVT customers like Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Budweiser, Lowes and Home Depot.

"We were an early adopter of this technology, when nearly two years ago many of our industry peers raised an eyebrow at our decision to retrofit our entire fleet with TrailerTails, but today virtually every sizable fleet on the road is evaluating or beginning to adopt ATDynamics' technology," said Royal Jones, CEO of Mesilla Valley Transportation.

ROI Impressive
MVT expects annual fleet-wide fuel savings of over one million gallons of diesel fuel per year. Therefore, MVT, one of the 'Top 100' U.S. trucking companies, expects a full return on its' capital investment in TrailerTail(R) technology within 14 months.

ATDynamics' TrailerTail rear drag reducing technology has been cited by both independent third-party testers and governments for the performance improvements offered. Indiana's Automotive Research Center (ARC), FPInnovations Energotest in Canada and the Goodyear Proving Grounds in Texas have all certified performance enhancements.

Green Technology
ATDynamics has received a number of awards relating to clean technology. In 2011, Governor Brown of California awarded ATDynamics his Environmental and Economic Leadership Award. This award is California's most substantial environmental honor. Each installation is expected to save fuel equivalent to that used annually by a passenger vehicle. Both MVT and ATDynamics are affiliates of the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership. Smith further states, "Each installed TrailerTail is a moving billboard on highways advertising to the American public which are the greenest fleets in the industry."

TrailerTails And Safety
TractorTails can offer safer conditions for those with truck driving jobs. These rear drag-reducing fairings also improve trailer stability in high winds, improve visibility for drivers through reduced trailer spray in wet conditions, and reduce rear end collisions and reduce injuries and damage as a result.

TrailerTails are compliant with the U.S. Department of Transportation's restrictions on the length of tractor-trailers. The DOT regulations limit rear fairings to five feet in length, and they cannot be non-cargo bearing.

About The Companies
Las Cruces based Mesila Valley Transportation is one of the Southwest's biggest locally owned freight carriers. Established in 1981, MVT serves major manufacturing areas in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Additional information can be obtained at: .

ATDynamics, of South San Francisco, CA, first released TrailerTails in 2008. It is just one of a series of products engineered to reduce freight transportation fuel consumption. ATDynamics' innovations have received numerous awards. ATDynamics helped to create the North American Council for Freight Efficiency. The company is active in the Super Truck initiative, funded by the DOE, and retains membership in the Technology Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association.

ATDynamics projects that TrailerTail technology will save the industry over $20 billion in fuel expenditures over the next decade, while improving industry safety as well.


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