New Legislation May Require Electronic Onboard Recorders EOBR

New legislation aims to require electronic onboard recorders or EOBR in all trucks.  The EOBR devices are used to verify truck driver compliance with duty regulations for truck drivers.

The legislation is called the Commercial Driver Compliance Improvement Act and would require trucks traveling across state lines to install EOBRs.  Companies would have 3 years time to install the devices in commercial trucks.

Five major transportation companies support this legislation, including J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Knight Transportation, Maverick USA, Schneider National and U.S. Xpress Enterprises.
This new bill “will improve safety on our nation’s highways by applying technology to document driver compliance,” said Craig Harper, J.B. Hunt’s chief operating officer and a supporter of this legislation.

“Mandating the use of electronic on-board recorders commits the entire supply chain to meeting the challenges that faces this generation in surface transportation,” said Steve Williams, Maverick’s chairman and CEO.

EOBR’s benefits include: verifying duty status of truck drivers, improving compliance with hours of operation regulations, and eliminating falsified operation records.


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