Schneider National Opens New Facility

Schneider National has now opened two U.S. Intermodal Training Academies this year. The Chicago Training Academy that opened earlier in 2012 has now been joined by another Academy just outside of Los Angeles. 

With the opening of a second such facility, Schneider National demonstrates its commitment to preparing drivers to participate in the rapidly evolving area of intermodal transportation. The Intermodal Training Academy outside of Los Angeles will add specific intermodal training to Schneider National's existing driver training offered in other areas of the company.

The new Intermodal Training Academy is situated at Schneider's LA intermodal facility. Experienced new hires will get the hands-on training needed to operate safely and successfully in the burgeoning intermodal transportation field.

During a four-day course, students receive both highway and rail yard scenario-based experience as well as classroom instruction. The Los Angeles Academy features classrooms outfitted with simulators for hands-on training as well as technical working areas. Schneider National employs two full-time instructors to staff the new teaching facility. 

Familiarizing particpants with the rail yard environment should promote both safety and efficiency. With this specialized training, drivers should quickly achieve proficiency in intermodal transportation.

Schneider assists drivers associated in the transition to intermodal by providing $400 in training and orientation pay as they complete the training program. In so doing Schneider encourages intermodal driving knowledge that the company believes is important as this form of transportation grows.

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