Shortage of Truck Drivers

While the majority of American industries struggle to add jobs during the recession, trucking companies continue to report a shortage of truck drivers.  This shortage means plenty of jobs are to be had in the trucking industry, and an increased need for truck driver training.  It is estimated that nearly 300,000 new truck driving jobs will be added by 2018 according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

“During the recession, companies had to cut the work force, so now that freight volumes are picking back up they don’t have the work force to accommodate the demand,” said Brandon Borgna, spokesman for the American Trucking Association.

The trucking industry is facing the additional challenge of increased federal regulation and tougher CDL requirements for truck drivers.  Drivers need to have a clean record, which eliminates some drivers who have had past blemishes.

These conditions are resulting in the increased enrollment at trucking schools that assist drivers in obtaining their CDL licenses.  Many truck driving schools are offering tuition loan programs and are increasing staff to meet the new demands to fill truck driver jobs.


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