Trucking Industry Jobs in April

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, during the first quarter of 2012, the labor data revealed an increase of three percent in professional trucking jobs, with the addition of 1800 private for-hire jobs in April. This makes up for the 2500 jobs that were lost during the previous month. The reported information brings the number of truck driving jobs to 1.33 million, up from 1.29 million.

In April, the statistics also indicated a slight drop in the nationwide unemployment rate. These indicators pointed out that the economy is slowly recovering, which is a good sign for the trucking sector, this means that for-hire employers are actively seeking new employees. The number of private for-hire truckers showed a year-to-year gain, indicating that jobs for professional truck drivers have remained consistent. There is room for growth and expansion in the trucking industry, despite raising fuel costs.

Economic norms have no effect on the number of professional trucking jobs. The industry added a proportionate number of payroll for-hire trucking jobs in a relative short span of time. The Department of Labor, had predicted a downward trend in trucking jobs based on the statistics from last year this time, coupled with the losses in March. Instead, April marked a recovery period, in which all commercial trucking sectors reported an increase in business.

The trucking industry is experiencing unexpected growth, although there were some reported net losses in the first quarter. Some private trucking companies had losses that decreased their profit margin, down three percentage points as compared to profits from six years ago.

Based on these factors, the time to recoup the loss profit was significantly less than anticipated. Driving jobs continued as a high paying sector despite job losses in other sectors, because the need for goods and products is ongoing. There will never be a time when the freight and cargo transportation industry ceases operations. Occasionally, there may be a two-three month lag, but a recovery period has always followed throughout history.

It is not only the United States; the world economy depends on freight transportation. The trucking industry relies on its drivers to deliver products and goods on time and in a safe and efficient manner. To secure a job as a professional truck driver means obtaining lifelong employment. The economic data reports for April indicate that there are many instances of people still struggling with job loss despite the boost in the economy. Truck drivers generally stay employed and only lose their job because of gross negligence or misconduct.

When combined with the industry standards, the changes in April reveal that employment opportunities are always stable for professional truck drivers. Even when individual for-hire employers reported losses, these companies were able to sustain and continue operations to post gains in the next quarter.

Considering that, every household in America relies on some type of transported goods and products for daily life. The labor statistics indicate that the economy is showing signs of recovery as the demand for freight transportation increases.

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