Trucking Industry Shows Positive Signs

The trucking industry continues to show strong signs of recovery over the previously sluggish 2009 numbers according the ACT Research Co.  Truck drivers nationwide are more optimistic of the potential for new truck driving jobs.

Orders in August 2010 for commercial trailers showed an increase of 55 percent from August of 2009.  These welcome numbers show a continuing a healthy rebound from what was one of the worst years in the commercial trailer industry, and good news for truck drivers nationwide.

Additionally, net commercial trailer orders in August were 2 percent above July levels.  Trailer manufacturers increased the per day build rate by 6 percent in August to further support the positive trucking industry numbers.

"With more freight to haul and continued tight freight hauling capacity, trucker profits are rising and should provide the wherewithal to increase the pace of replacing older equipment," said Kenny Vieth, partner and senior analyst with ACT Research. "Trailer manufacturers are well positioned to serve this need as the backlog-to build ratio now stands at 4 months and is expected to gradually rise as the seasonally strong order months of October through March approach."

It is a great time to find a new truck driving job or attend truck driving school.


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