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Representative DeFazio Opposes Mexican Trucking Agreement

Many in the trucking industry, including drivers and trucking companies, have questioned the new agreement for cross border trucking between the US and Mexico.  Representative Peter DeFazio has recently joined in, sending a letter to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

Changing Gas Prices

Since the beginning of January 2011, average US gas prices have increased $.48 per gallon or 15%. The year started with an average price per gallon of $3.05 and remained relatively even with slight increases throughout January, even with the beginning of the protests in Egypt at the end of the month.

US Shipping and Trucking Routes

Trucking is perhaps the most integral element of the US supply chain system.  Goods may be shipped by rail or waterway, but trucks will continually be relied upon to deliver the goods to the final destination.  Here are the busiest modes of transport based upon method of shipping.

Changes to CSA 2010 Reporting

Changes will be made to the way FMCSA displays CSA 2010 safety scores.  This is in response to a settlement of a lawsuit brought by a group of trucking associations.

Details of the US Mexico Trucking Agreement

New details have been released outlining the process by which trucks from Mexico can operate in the US.  Here are the highlights as reported by officials from Mexico.  These may be subject to change, and may be different from the final version of the agreement.

FMCSA to Hold Meetings at Trucking Show

If you are attending the Mid-America Trucking Show, this is your chance to comment on the development of future trucking safety regulations.  These regulations potentially affect both large and small Trucking Companies.

Nationwide Gas Prices

Motorists can expect to find the highest gas prices in the continental United States at the pumps in California, according to the latest survey of gas prices throughout the United States.

The average price for a gallon of gas exceeded $3.79, the highest benchmark in the survey, in nearly every county in California. The handful of counties in California that did not exceed that figure still had an average price exceeding $3.72 per gallon, the second-highest benchmark in the survey.

February Growth for Trucking Companies

Employment numbers for the trucking industry and heavy duty truck orders were both strong in February, indicating a continued growth for the economy.

Initial numbers from the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate 11,200 new jobs were added by trucking companies.

US - Mexico Reach Initial Agreement to End Trucking Dispute

President Obama and Mexican President Calderon have agreed to move forward with a plan to allow Mexican trucks to travel in the U.S.

"After nearly 20 years, we finally have found a clear path to resolving the dispute over trucking between our two countries," Obama stated to reporters at a news conference on Thursday, March 3rd.

GPS Tracking Helps Cut Fuel Cost

Large trucking companies and independent owner operators are continually looking for efficient ways to reduce fuel costs.  Even small fuel savings per truck can add up to big savings for an entire fleet.

One newer way to cut fuel costs is by implementing a GPS tracking system to monitor routes and time spent idling. 

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