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CSA Website Slower Than Expected

The new website allowing access to CSA 2010 data was slower than expected after the official launch of public CSA 2010 basics scores.

The performance issues with the website were the result of businesses and trucking companies downloading massive amounts of data from the system.  The CSA Safety Measurement System website was opened on 12/12/10 which provides public access to carriers' CSA 2010 BASICS scores in CSA's seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories, or BASICs.

New Rules May Restrict Cell Phone Use

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is currently working on legislation that would ban using cell phones in certain situations while operating a commercial motor vehicle.  This is in addition to current bans on texting while operating a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce.

CSA 2010 Scores are Now Public

The recent suit by several companies to block the release of CSA 2010 data has been denied by the US federal court.  Public data from the CSA 2010 system is now live, and viewable to the public.

JB Hunt Reaches Trucking Milestone

Trucking company J.B. Hunt announces a new company record of 1 million intermodal loads this year.   This is a first among intermodal trucking companies in the US.

FMCSA Argues Against CSA 2010 Delays

The FMCSA is arguing against the current stay of CSA 2010 implementation requested by trucking organizations.  The trucking organizations which filed the stay include: The  National Association of Small Trucking Companies, The Expedite Alliance of North America and the Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association.

Electronic Inspections Launched

The state of Mississippi has launched a new program that allows some commercial vehicles to be weighed and inspected at full highway speeds, instead of requiring the trucks to stop at a weigh station.

Potential Changes to Trucking HOS Rules

Federal regulators are finalizing changes to Hours of Service, or HOS, rules.  The specific changes have yet to be released, but the American Trucking Association, or ATA, reports the changes will include reducing the number hours a trucker can drive, along with a required break period.
The effectiveness of these changes is debated.  The ATA supports maintaining current HOS rules that are already in effect.

Final Rules on Texting While Driving

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has released its final version of texting rules for commercial vehicles.

In the final rule, texting by commercial truck drivers and owner operators while operating in interstate commerce is banned.  Penalties for violating the ban have also been increased, leading to severe penalties for drivers caught driving while texting.

Potential Changes in CSA 2010

The ATA has recently submitted recommendations to modify the rating system for the new CSA 2010 program, and has asked the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to delay full implementation of the program until a review is performed.  They have done this on behalf of trucking companies and independent owner operators that are affected by CSA 2010 rules.

Challenge Filed to CSA 2010

In a recent move to delay the launch of CSA 2010, a group representing small trucking companies is petitioning in federal courts to stay a portion of the federal CSA 2010 rules that will begin taking effect in December.

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