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Operation Safe Driver

A renewed focus on safe driving for commercial trucks, trucking companies, and passenger cars was seen during the American Trucking Associations' annual management conference with the kickoff of the “Operation Safe Driver” program.

ATA Supports Fuel Economy Standards

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) recently adopted a policy that supports a standard fuel economy for trucks as a method to control carbon emissions.  This policy is meant to minimize disruptions in the nation’s trucking companies and maintain the ability of trucking companies to operate profitably. 

CoPilot Trucker iPhone App

Truck drivers and owner operators have long relied on technology for communication and entertainment over the road.  This trend started with the CB radio and now continues with newer mobile web technology.

Top Concerns for Truckers

A recent list of the top 10 concerns in the trucking industry was recently presented at the  American Trucking Associations 2010 Management Conference held October 16-19.  The conference was attending by may representatives from the trucking industry.

Wireless Roadside Inspections

In an effort to improve commercial motor vehicle safety, PeopleNet has recently announced a new wireless roadside-inspection (WRI) solution.  This potential change could affect the frequency of roadside inspections for company truck drivers and owner operator drivers.

The WRI technology is an effort to increase the frequency of roadside safety inspections while reducing fuel waste and emissions normally associated with roadside inspections.

iPhone app for Truckers

Technology has made life on the road for truck drivers and owner operators more convenient, more comfortable, and more enjoyable than ever before.  A new iPhone trucker app aims to provide the best and most up to date resources for truck drivers and owner operators in one convenient location.

Clean Diesel Conference 2010

As part of the trucking industry’s movement towards green technology, a Clean Diesel Conference will be held on October 19 and 20 in Washington D.C.  The event will cover the progress that has been made towards increasing environmentally friendly technology in the transportation industry.

The conference will highlight the newest vehicles featuring clean emissions technology.  Clean emissions, along with fuel efficiency, is a focus of the green sector of the trucking industry and a topic of concern for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

New Truck Safety System Debuts

A new truck safety system named SafetyDirect is a new vehicle reporting solution designed to provide instant notification of vehicle safety and performance.  The new system debuted 10/18/10 at the American Trucking Association’s Management Conference and Exhibition.  The system could be used in both company truck driver and owner operator settings.

Truck Contest Supports Drivers

A new contest from truck dealer chain Arrow Truck Sales named “Back on the Road” is being held in conjunction with Volvo Trucks North America.  This fourth annual contest is designed to benefit a deserving owner operator in need of both a truck and a trucking job.

Effectiveness of Lane Departure Systems

Electronic devices that assist trucker drivers and owner operators maintain the safety of their vehicle are an increasingly important part of the commercial trucking industry.  A recent study measured the effectiveness of lane departure systems on improving safety for the driver and surrounding vehicles.

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