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Shortage of Truck Drivers

While the majority of American industries struggle to add jobs during the recession, trucking companies continue to report a shortage of truck drivers.  This shortage means plenty of jobs are to be had in the trucking industry, and an increased need for truck driver training.  It is estimated that nearly 300,000 new truck driving jobs will be added by 2018 according to a

Memphis Trucking Show

Memphis will host its first annual Trucking expo this October to showcase the city’s place as "America's Distribution Center."  The trucking show is free and open to the general public.

The trucking show is scheduled to feature equipment, demonstrations, entertainment, and the latest from industry vendors.  There are also a variety of trucking seminars scheduled including: Overcoming Driving Obstacles, The Dangers of Sleep Apnea, Social Media and Women Truckers, and Wireless Trucks.

Commercial Trucking Equipment Orders Stay Strong

Equipment orders in the trucking industry continue to be strong, signifying a continued much needed improvement in the trucking industry.  Net orders of heavy-duty commercial vehicles were up 15 percent in August 2010 from August of 2009, according to ACT Research Co. (ACT).  

New Legislation May Require Electronic Onboard Recorders EOBR

New legislation aims to require electronic onboard recorders or EOBR in all trucks.  The EOBR devices are used to verify truck driver compliance with duty regulations for truck drivers.

The legislation is called the Commercial Driver Compliance Improvement Act and would require trucks traveling across state lines to install EOBRs.  Companies would have 3 years time to install the devices in commercial trucks.

Green Trucking Company

Kenworth Truck Co. has received the 2010 Green Manufacturing Award in the large company category by the Association of Washington Business.

This award recognizes Kenworth’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions to the commercial vehicle industry.  Some of the company’s solutions include aerodynamic trucks, compressed and liquefied natural gas trucks, and medium duty diesel-electric hybrids.   Many of Kenworth’s products offer 30 to 50 percent improvements in fuel efficiency and up to 20 percent reductions in greenhouse gasses.

Trucking Industry Shows Positive Signs

The trucking industry continues to show strong signs of recovery over the previously sluggish 2009 numbers according the ACT Research Co.  Truck drivers nationwide are more optimistic of the potential for new truck driving jobs.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (Sept. 19-25) is celebrated nationwide with events honoring truck drivers and drivers with exceptional safety records.  There are roughly 3.5 million professional truckers nationwide delivering a vast array of goods.

Reduction in Frequency of Fatal Accidents Involving Trucks

The frequency of fatal traffic accidents involving large trucks operated by CDL license drivers fell sharply in 2009, dropping 20% from 2008 to 2009 as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.'s data disagrees with the Government's trucking jobs report

No, no, don't listen to those other whiners, the trucking jobs out there are coming in as positive numbers and we're here to prove it. Take a close look, or just barely look, we don't care either way but if you even glance at the graphs below the picture tells a story.

The Michelin Man gets social at the Great American Trucking Show - GATS

The Great American Trucking Show is getting ready to hit the scene again in Dallas, Texas Aug. 26-28. Social media looks like it will start playing a role in the normal GATS showcase & booth displays. Michelin America's Truck Tires has announced they plan to get social with trucking companies and roll out the red carpet to their social media showcase at their booth.

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