No "Up To" or "You Should" at K&B, Just A Guarantee!

Number of Accidents Allowed
3 or More
Number of Tickets Allowed
3 or More
Suspended License Allowed
Felony Conviction Allowed
DUI or DWI Allowed
Minimum OTR Experience Months
6 Months
Minimum OTR Experience Years
0 Years

New pay package is here!

Tired of other carriers offering a top cents per mile, but forgetting to mention the "up to" part of the pay until you get to orientation? How about the carrier that says "you should" get top miles, but when you get on the road, the "you should" turns into "you won't" get the miles! Is there a recruiting department that shoots you straight? K&B Transportation does! We start out our drivers at a flat 54 CENTS PER MILE.  This will guarantee our drivers a minimum of $1350 PER WEEK! 

What else do you get from K&B Transportation? How about:

  • Layover, Detention, Stop Pay
  • Midwest or National Fleet
  • APU Equipped Tractors
  • Assigned Dispatcher
  • Direct Deposit or Comdata Payroll
  • Family Owned Company--Be A Name, Not A Number

Want to find out more? Call us today at (800) 851-8651 or CLICK HERE TO APPLY