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Dairy farming is the main source of agriculture in the state of Vermont. It is a major supplier of milk for the Boston and New York regions. An important part of the economy is aslo the production of artisanal food products, such as cheeses, butter and maple syrup.

You may wonder what this has to do with trucking--All of these products need to be transported throughout the region and the country, making for a healthy trucking industry and plentiful truck driving jobs in VT.

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Ready to Find Trucking Jobs in Vermont? 

You can drive local routes, around the state, making regular stops and seeing regular customers. With local jobs, you get to go home almost every day. Regional driving jobs have you driving throughout the New England region. You may be on the road a bit longer, sometimes a week at the time, but often getting to go home several times a week.

Over The Road (OTR) truck driving jobs are the longest driving jobs on the road. You may be out on the road for several weeks at a time, often two to four weeks. In between, you get to spend time at home with your family and friends, before going out on another job. These OTR jobs take you to different corners of the country and afford you considerable independence and freedom. They can be great if you would like to see different parts of the country, experience diverse cultures and cuisines.

Requirements for Truck Drivers in Vermont

You can pick up an application form for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and permit in the state of Vermont at any local DMV Customer Services Office.  You will need proof of identity, proof of legal standing to be in the United States, and proof that you reside in Vermont, as well as a social security card. You will also need to have a Medical Examiner’s Form completed.

When you make your appointment for your skills test, you will need to leave a scheduling deposit fee. At the time of your scheduled skills test, you may be asked to take a vision test to check the acuity of your eyesight. The vehicle being used in the skills test must have a valid inspection sticker. You must supply the vehicle, in the class for which you are applying for a license, for the pre-trip inspection and skills test.

Certain restrictions to your license might apply, depending upon the type of brakes your vehicle has (e.g. air brakes, air-over-hydraulic brake system, etc.)  If you fail the skills test three times, you must wait six months before you are eligible to take it again.

Most people get prepared for the CDL exam by attending classes at a professional commercial driving school. 

Maximizing Your Vermont Trucking Career

Success in the trucking industry comes from connecting with established companies, learning from experienced drivers in the region, and networking with company owners. In the state of Vermont, which has a tightly knit trucking community, you can tackle all of these goals at once while learning about some of the biggest companies in the state.

Checking out the data provided by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics is a great way to get an overview of Vermont’s trucking industry. Outside of intrastate shipments, the majority of the Vermont’s shipments go to nearby states like Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. The biggest hauls in this industry are turbine fuel, agricultural products, mineral products, and animal feed.

Vermont is home to a large association called the Vermont Truck & Bus Association. This organization serves as a networking group and professional advocacy association for all commercial drivers within Vermont. Currently, there are over 250 members in the state.

The trucking industry of Vermont is fairly consistent, which is why salaries in this state are in line with national averages. O*Net reports that the average salary for a tractor-trailer driver in Vermont is $39,000 per year. Although somewhat lower than the United States average, costs of living in Vermont tend to be lower than many other places, making this a very livable wage.

In addition, benefits offered by companies to attract and keep qualified drivers can bring up the value of the salary package. Typical benefits include medical, dental, and vision, as well as 401k retirement plans. Paid vacation is standard, with more weeks for more years of service. 

A career as a truck driver in Vermont can be a rewarding, satisfying choice. Why not see what it takes to make this possibility a reality, by contacting some of the employers listed here. Be sure to apply to as many jobs as you qualify for to make sure you choose the right one! 

If you need training for your CDL License, take a look at truck driving schools in Vermont that are ready to train you.

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