Dedicated Trucking

Learn more about dedicated trucking jobs and how you can start applying for them today.

Whether you are a new or experienced truck driver, you may have considered applying for dedicated trucking routes or dedicated trucking jobs in your city. If you’ve never done a dedicated run before, you may find that it’s quite different from a typical company driving job. 

Overview of Dedicated Trucking Jobs and Benefits

When you take on a dedicated run, you are committing yourself to driving the same route every time you get behind the wheel of your truck. This may be a local, regional, or OTR haul, but you should be ready to do the same route every time you drive. These routes are typically available because trucking companies have relationships with customers, and as a dedicated driver, you can also build professional relationships with these clients.

There are several benefits of this path. First, you can learn a route very well and settle into a routine. Second, you know how many miles you get on a weekly basis and how much money you’ll bring home. Finally, you learn your client's expectations, rather than spending your time learning new client expectations every week.

You can look for a dedicated gig as a company driver or as an owner-operator. As a company driver, you still drive your company’s truck. If you want take on dedicated routes as an owner-operator, you can purchase your own truck and secure clients through different trucking companies.

Outlook for Dedicated Trucking Jobs

As a dedicated driver, you can benefit from the positive job outlook in this industry. The job outlook is expected to lead to an 11% increase in jobs by 2022 (O*Net, 2015). The average annual salary for a tractor-trailer driver is $39,520 per year (O*Net, 2015). With a dedicated route, you may find that you can increase your income potential as you prove yourself to your clients and your employer.

Dedicated routes are very popular in the trucking industry. Check out our dedicated trucking jobs and find out which opportunities are available near you.