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If you have your CDL, you can start looking for companies that need drivers with road-ready skills! FindATruckingJob.com works to provide you with information about the current CDL driver positions available in your state. We maintain relationships with employers across the nation to make sure we give you current information – and the resources to keep your career moving in the right direction.

We then match your qualifications with trucking companies looking to fill open positions and instantly send your information directly to the company. Other CDL drivers like yourself have been using FindATruckingJob.com to find their trucking jobs for years, and we are glad you have decided to join them!

Types of Trucking Jobs

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Working as a company driver for a minor or major trucking company can encompass many options for the employee with the right mindset and self-discipline. From local to regional to national driver positions, a CDL-holder can enjoy a long and rewarding career with the right job.

We encourage you to look through our CDL truck driving jobs carefully to make sure you have found all of the jobs that fit your needs. You can apply to as many jobs as you would like using our system, so check back often for brand new jobs.

Find a CDL Job in Your State

In almost every state, professional drivers are needed to haul various products nationwide. As a CDL-holder, you can either haul general freight, or specialize in a specific are such as hazardous materials, tanker based products, refrigerated products, or more. We list jobs in each of these specialties to make your search fast, easy, and convenient.

OTR (Over The Road) drivers specialize in long haul routes that take them over most of our country. Typically, drivers working on OTR jobs spend 2 to 4 weeks on the road, then return home to spend time with family. These are the most common type of trucking job available for Class A Drivers. Pay may be higher for OTR drivers, and they certainly have opportunity to see more of the country.

As a regional driver, you can hold a routine route with regular stops or accept load delivery routes that change from week to week. These routes typically keep you in the same part of the country, and often provide more routine schedules. Many regional drivers get “home time” every few days or perhaps weekly.

As a CDL holder, you can add qualifications to your license to expand driving opportunities. If you get a HAZMAT endorsement, for example, you can obtain any of the three primary-area driving jobs — local, regional or OTR. If you receive training on cold vans or refrigerated vans, you might find more opportunities than with only dry vans or “normal” trailers. You can also find driving jobs with tankers and with double and triple trailers connected into one combined vehicle.

Your opportunities in your home state and elsewhere depend on what license you carry and the endorsements you hold, as well as the distance you want to drive, the home time you want and the weather conditions you’ll tolerate.

How to Find the Right Position

Unless you already have your license and company driver experience, you may find it difficult to determine which is the right position for you. Some drivers try hauling various types of freight to see what are of trucking they enjoy working in best. For other drivers, the particular freight is not as much of a concern as the route they have and company they work for. It is important to identify the aspects of your job that are important, and what matters most to you. Once this is identified, you can find a job that exactly matches those needs.

With patience and attention, you can find the best company that offers the right position for you. Use FindATruckingJob.com to move forward and find the job that you want. Search opportunities in your state to get started today!