FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is the process to obtain a CDL?
Q : What types of trucking companies can I work for with a CDL?
Q : What are the CDL requirements for trucking jobs?
Q : How do I obtain endorsements for my CDL License?
Q : What is the next step if I already have my Class A CDL?
Q : What is PTDI certification for trucking schools?
Q : What questions should I ask CDL schools?
Q : What are some resources for learning more about the trucking industry?
Q : What types of trailers do CDL drivers pull?

Q : What is a first-year truck driver salary?

Q : FAQ: What to expect as a first year truck driver


Company Truck Driving Jobs:

Q : What type of tax deductions are available to truck drivers?
Q : What is the future outlook for trucking jobs?
Q : Are there physical requirements for truck driving jobs?
Q : What is a typical day for a truck driver?
Q : What are different types of loads truckers haul?
Q : What are the wieght restrictions on trucks?
Q : What types of trucking jobs are available?
Q : What is typical day for a truck driver?

Q : What are the highest paying trucking jobs?

CSA 2010:

Q : What should I know about CSA 2010?
Q : How does CSA 2010 work?
Q : What are some of the possible interventions for trucking companies under CSA 2010?
Q : What are the BASICS Scores?
Q : Who should be concerned about CSA 2010?
Q : What are "Pre-Employment Screenings"?
Q : How does violation history impact a carrier’s CSA 2010 scores?
Q : How are BASICS scored?
Q : How can drivers prepare for CSA 2010?

Owner Operator:

Q: How do I become an owner operator?

Q: What types of jobs are available to owner operators?

Q: Is it difficult to find an owner operator job?

Q: How hard is it to get loads as an owner-operator driver?

Q: What is the aerage salary for owner operators?

Q: What is a lease purchase option for an owner operator?

Q: Who are some of the best companies to work for as an owner-operator


Trucking Company Salary Information:


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