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What are different types of loads truckers haul?

Both trucking company drivers and owner operators haul a variety of goods.  What you haul will depend on your CDL endorsements, individual trucking companies, and may depend on the specific area of the country you live.

In general, here are load definitions widely used in the trucking industry:

  • LTL or “Less Than a Truck Load” – The least expensive and most popular method of transporting freight.
  • Partial Truck Load – Economical means of moving a medium size load, often booked by volume and or running feet of truck
  • TL or “Truck load” – Greater than 8,000 pounds or requires a large volume of space needed.
  • Air Ride Truck Load or partial Truck Load – Air ride provides a softer ride than a standard freight truck.  Used when the items being shipped are delicate and not packed to withstand the rougher ride of a freight truck.
  • Blanket Wrap or Van Move – Blanket wrap services or Van Move is used for items that have not been boxed packed or crated.
  • Air Freight – Best for smaller shipments that are very dense in weight.
  • Expedited Freight Services – Expedited freight can be moved at high speed (not guaranteed).  Provides delivery within a widow of time that is very predictable.
  • Guaranteed Delivery Freight Services – Freight will be delivered on or before the time contracted for. If the delivery is late, you will be reimbursed for the difference between the guaranteed price and the standard or non guaranteed rate.