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What is PTDI certification for trucking schools?

The Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) is a non-profit organization that provides certification for truck driving schools as well as curriculum and training for CDL courses. PTDI sets the standard for training courses across North America. Formed in 1986, PTDI has developed uniform standards for curriculum, performance, and safety and offers certification to schools that meet its standards.

What does PTDI do?

PTDI has worked with government agencies, insurance agents, schools and trucking companies since 1986 to standardize the industry and has been certifying entry level training courses since 1989. It helps schools develop standardized curriculum that focuses on safety, driver skills, and professionalism and certifies them. Trucking companies can feel confident students trained at PTDI schools have a solid foundation of skills.

Collaboration – The organization works with government officials to meet federal and state laws and to increase safety. PTDI also works with carriers and insurance agents to promote industry standards and certified schools. PTDI has set, and maintains, the uniform standard throughout the industry.

Curriculum and certification – PTDI works with schools looking for certification to enhance their current curriculum. The organization evaluates the program and makes recommendations to improve the courses offered for a commercial drivers license (CDL). PTDI then certifies the truck driving school and re-evaluates it periodically to ensure that the standards are being maintained.

Promotion – By promoting industry standard and certified schools, PTDI helps carriers ensure that all of their drivers have the safety and proficiency skills necessary to for truck driving. Trucking companies know that even new drivers are confident and capable of safe driving habits when they hire entry level drivers from PTDI certified schools. Because PTDI also works to promote these standards to the insurance industry, trucking companies may find some discounts by hiring drivers from PTDI certified schools as well.

Why is PTDI’s important?

Improved drivers – PTDI is helping to regulate the truck driving industry and is making it a safer line of work. Because the industry has been regulated by laws that vary from state to state, truck driving schools have, in times past, only offered the minimum requirements for students to receive their CDL. PTDI’s standardization and certification has dramatically improved the experience, confidence, and safety of entry-level drivers so that the roads are safer for all motorists.

Better safety records – The PTDI certification program seeks to improve the knowledge and ability of all drivers looking to obtain a commercial drivers license. When drivers are better trained, the safety record and productivity of carriers improves. Trucking companies that use PTDI drivers benefit in every area. Better safety records lead to lower insurance costs, and greater productivity increases profits.

Changes in laws – Because PTDI works closely with government agencies and recertifies each truck driving school regularly, the entire industry is better able to operate in accordance with changing laws. This means that schools can keep up with laws that govern training, and they can teach CDL students the current laws pertaining to safety and other industry issues.

The Professional Truck Driver Institute is the first of its kind in the industry. Schools receiving PTDI certification have met the uniform industry standard maintained by PTDI and turn out safer, better equipped drivers. Trucking companies who hire drivers from PTDI certified schools enjoy better safety records and productivity. Overall, PTDI’s dedication to uniform training standards for the industry has greatly improved the safety and proficiency of the entire trucking industry.