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Employment Opportunities with Trucking Companies

Once you obtain your CDL, there are a variety of different employment opportunities with various trucking companies. Each position will vary depending on the specific cargo and route your drive.

The first major difference is the kind of cargo and the equipment necessary to deliver the freight. Truck driving jobs vary, but the most common types of jobs include; hauling flatbed trailers, boxed trailers, and refrigerated trailers.  Different types of cargo will have specific challenges associated with the job.  For example, flatbed truckers will spend time tarping and securing their loads, where van drivers will not have to do this.

There is also a big difference in working for a local company verus a national OTR company.  The benefit of working for a small and local company is that they often provide great opportunity for experienced truckers. Truckers working for a small and local company can often return home every night, enjoy the routine of a local route, and in general, these jobs pay very well. Local freight companies may include hauling groceries, gravel, sand, rocks or transporting large construction equipment. The nature of local trucking jobs is mostly determined by where the job is located and what materials are most likely to be produced.

If long hauling works better for your lifestyle, there are hundreds of national and regional trucking companies that offer a variety of long haul opportunities. Drivers for long haul trucking companies often stay out for weeks at a time, and travel across the country.

Regardless of the type of company you work for or the equipment you drive, there are a few more things to consider. Making sure your truck and your equipment is reliable is very important, especially since you only get paid while the truck is moving. A driver can lose a considerable amount of money if the truck breaks down on a regular basis. When choosing a trucking outfit, make sure they have good maintenance services. A poorly maintained truck can be dangerous to you and other drivers on the road. Consider this when you research a company that you are thinking about driving with.

Checking the kinds of cargo and the shipping routes can help shape the kind of truck driving career that you will have, and making sure you are safe while driving for a company that values safety can ensure that you have a long and healthy career. If you take the time to research truck driving can be a rewarding and satisfying job.